We help inspire, fund, advise and connect travel startups.


Travel Startups Incubator® is a travel startup investment, advisory and digital global innovation platform to fund, advise, connect and help inspire travel technology startups.

We fund seed-stage and early stage travel technology ideas and entrepreneurs by providing a $50,000 investment, $25,000 in cash and $25,000 in-kind services, during a 6 month advisory period.

We are looking for global travel technology changing ideas, super-talented entrepreneurs and teams, or real startup traction.

We act like co-founders, working very closely with you, advising and mentoring helping you move your business forward towards the next round of funding.

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Travel Startups Incubator, LLC
Managing Partner, Matt Zito
4201 Village Court
Lake Wales, FL 33898
Near the Orlando/Disney area.

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