Advisory Program

The TSI Advisory Program is intended for startups who will benefit from TSI’s advisory, mentorship, professional business development network, investment network and Deal Flow Platform we have developed over the years.

Advisory Program

  • Best for seed-funded and early-late-stage travel startups.

  • Startup Requirements: What we look for in companies we represent.
  • You have some current or previous funding. You have a technology, product or service and are ready to test, pilot or commercialize. You are looking to raise $250K-$5M in capital.
  • Our Core Strengths: How we help you grow your startup.
  • Strategic Advisory. Technology representation for piloting/testing and selling commercial agreements. API Distribution and Sales. Fundraising of investment capital. Strategic advice on contracting and commercialization agreements.
  • Our Engagement Model: How we get paid for helping you grow your business.
  • Annual fee + small equity %.

Benefits of the Advisory Program

Strategic Advisory and Mentorship

The Advisory program provides ongoing one-on-one access to Matt Zito the TSI Managing Partner. In addition each advisory portfolio company will gain access to 1-2 advisors/mentors from the TSI advisor/mentor team or a mentor in your vertical that we recruit for you.

Access to our Deep Network of Travel Industry Executives

We will introduce your technology to our professional corporate travel partners from the leading global travel companies. Our 100+ network includes access to C-level, R&D teams, Innovation Labs, Business Development teams and internal corporate Incubators/Accelerators that are actively seeking new technology to test/pilot, commercialize, integrate, invest in and acquire. We’ll also include you in our Business Development “asks” email to our Innovation & Business Development Partners every 90-days, where we highlight each startup and what they need to help grow the business. We approach and recruit new partners as appropriate to your needs.

Access to our Investor Network

You’ll receive access to our network of Angel Investors and VCs who are interested in travel technology through our Deal Flow Platform. Your pitch deck, company info and fundraising details can be viewed by investors and corporate venture arms on the platform. You’ll also receive access to our exclusive investor database of travel tech investors, angels, VCs. You’ll be included in our Portfolio Update email to our full 150+ investor network every 90-days, and we’ll make one-on-one introductions of your offering to targeted investors in the network.

Access to the TSI Community

You’ll receive access to the TSI Deal Flow Platform and our internal communication platform to network directly with the TSI team and all the startups in our portfolio. Build new founder-to-founder relationships, create business development opportunities between companies, follow industry news and research that we share between companies, and more.

Marketing & Representation

You’ll receive representation as a TSI advisory company on our website, at travel conferences we attend, and in our marketing materials, investor, partner, and press communications. We’ll send one PR announcement that you have joined TSI, and include you in one PR article/blog post per quarter distributed to our network of 200+ travel tech PR contacts. You’ll also receive discounts on entrance/admission to travel tech conferences.

Advisory Terms and Timeline

Advisory Period

The advisory period lasts 12-months.
The Advisory Program is focused on helping you in a specific area where you need help. This could be strategic advice, business development assistance and or fundraising. We customize the service around your core needs. We are willing to start on a month-to-month basis to show you the value we create.

Startup Testimonials

TSI has given us practically instant access to a network of advisors, peers, partners, customers, and potential investors that we could not have built on our own. The TSI team is always available to help, and we have benefited greatly from their experience in navigating the travel industry. The VISIT FLORIDA Digital Innovation Forum also provided us with actionable feedback and valuable new connections.

Bala Chandran

Co-Founder, CEO, Flightsayer

When I first thought about building a travel technology startup, I didn’t realize how complex the industry really is, even though I had worked in travel marketing for the last 7 years. Being part of Travel Startups Incubator was game changing for us. From connections with key suppliers to a thorough analysis of market opportunities, Matt and his team of mentors have been instrumental in helping Biz Airlines find our product/market fit. Bruno Santiago

Founder & CEO, Biz Airlines

When we joined TSI, we were hoping not only for investors, advisors and travel industry experts – but what we have received has been so much more. TSI has become a true partner for our business that we rely on to make introductions with strategic partners, potential customers and industry associations & organizations. TSI has been a sounding board for the challenges we have faced and provide tactical solutions in solving those issues while helping us keep an eye on the long-term growth of the company. As a result, we continue to fine tune our pitches, our pricing strategy and our go-to-market strategy. Joining TSI was one of the best decisions that we could have made to take TraknProtect to the next level. Parminder Batra

Co-Founder & CEO, TraknProtect

The founding team of Proxce was made of up technologists, and most of us came from enterprise world. Travel Startups Incubator helped us connect to travel companies, advisors and industry influencers that helped us understand the travel industry as well as talk to right people at the right time. Matt, Mike and Nicole are always available if you need help and are very easy to approach.

Madhu Madhusudhanan

Founder & CEO, Proxce

Travel Startups Incubator has given Adventure Bucket List access to a wide array of partnerships and clients across the travel vertical. The TSI team continually plays an active roll in the strategy, planning, fundraising and business development of ABL. Ryan Stobie

Co-Founder & CEO, Adventure Bucket List

As a travel entrepreneur, there are so many things needed to bring your vision to life. The two things that can dramatically accelerate the process are 1) building a team that shares the same vision and 2) having deep travel industry resources for advisement, networking, support and mentorship.

We found TSI to be a critical partner in fulfilling these needs. During our incubation period we were just newbies in the field, trying different things to see what worked and what didn’t. TSI was there to guide us and help us lay the right path to follow. TSI investment capital and several introduction to potential distribution partners helped FlitWays to grow by 400% within 5 months, and now we are growing into a truly global brand.

We participated in the incubation program over 1 year ago and to this day we can reach out to TSI and ask anything that can help us to make important decision on business growth.

Tobi Mac

Co-Founder & CEO, FlitWays

Corporate Partner Testimonials

As a virtual and global incubator partner of Amadeus for Startups, Travel Startups Incubator has supported and helped us grow our program since we launched. As their technology partner of choice, we leverage our program components to support the unique startups they fund. They have been an amazing partner to Amadeus for Startups and we continue to benefit from their insights, expertise, and network of advisors, investors and travel professionals.

Kerri Zeil

Head of Amadeus for Startups, Amadeus

We partnered with Travel Startups Incubator (TSI) to accelerate our access to travel tech innovation and ensure we could transform and quickly iterate the local travel experience. An ambitious goal that couldn’t be served by a single solution but required a broader industry perspective across many experience touch points to create a “Smart Destination”. With TSI as a key partner, we were able to identify and establish strategic relationships with innovative companies building up critical parts of our “experience” ecosystem. This led to an initiative with Adventure Bucket List to create a unified booking platform for small hospitality and activities solving a critical gap in the discovery and promotion of local services.

Thierry Lehartel

CEO, Tahiti Innovation Labs