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Announcing the TSI Deal Flow Program For Startups, Corporations and Investors

We are excited to announce the launch of the TSI Deal Flow Program. The TSI Deal Flow Program aims to drive innovation in the travel industry at greater scale, utilizing the processes and tools we’ve developed while running Travel Startups Incubator which have helped us identify, engage and fund travel technology companies such as FlitWays which recently went public and Proxce which won the Most Innovative Startup award at Phocuswright 2015.

Digital Platform

We recently built the TSI Deal Flow Platform, the industry’s first comprehensive, interactive database of travel technology companies. The directory currently contains over 15,000 companies, all categorized with travel industry terminology.

As part of the Deal Flow Program, we are opening up the Platform to corporate travel companies, incubators, accelerators, VC’s and travel technology startups to use to streamline prospecting, communication, and deal flow. During the Program, TSI will curate connections on the Platform between travel startups, corporate partners, and investors that are targeted, relevant and productive.

Our vision for the Platform is to open it up to the public as we move into a new phase to continue to build out our larger vision of building a global travel technology investment platform. As part of our launch, we are running a program for the first 4-months in 2017. We are combining access to the Platform with an in-person Innovation Workshop in April where everyone that joined the Program will have an opportunity to meet.

Pricing for the program is $195 for Startups and $495 for Corporate Travel Companies and Investors.

How the Platform works in conjunction with the Program:

  • Search 15,000+ profiles of travel technology companies and investors for potential partners, funders, investments or acquisitions.
  • Claim and build your Deal Flow Room. Most likely your company is listed inside with very limited information. You’ll claim your company, then build out your Deal Flow Room with your company’s technology, products and services, presentation deck and contact information.
  • Once activated, other travel companies and investors can view your customized Deal Flow Room to see if they are interested in initiating a conversation. When any party indicates interest on either side, TSI will vet the potential connection for qualification and put the parties in touch if deemed appropriate.
  • Startups can showcase what they are building and why they should be considered for partnerships or investments, and may opt into our formal mentorship and business development services with TSI.
  • Corporate travel companies and investors can showcase what they are looking for and what they offer startups, and may opt into our formal in-depth vetting services where we help widen your net while generating more targeted and productive conversations wtih founders.
  • Create your own Collections/Bookmarks to track companies you are interested in.
  • Connect with the TSI team on the Platform through the private Discussion system for feedback on specific companies as well as your own.
  • Get recommendations from the TSI team on who you should be talking to and networking with.
  • Attend the Innovation On-Site Workshop* in Miami, FL in April at the Amadeus Executive Center where startups, travel companies and investors that joined the program will meet in person and work on deals. Itinerary and date TBD.

*Please note, the Workshop in Miami, FL in April is currently being scheduled. A full itinerary and date will be determined in January. The event will only be held based on active participation by the corporate travel companies. If the event is canceled for any reason we will not be able to issue a refund.

Sneak Peek of the Travel Company Search:

Deal Floe Platform

Sneak Peek of the company Deal Flow Room:

Deal Flow Room

Photos from our last innovation event on Nov 30 run in conjunction with VISIT FLORIDA:

An innovator on stage facing the panel of judges.


The TSI team, the VISIT FLORIDA TEAM, and the 11 presenters on stage.

Attendees and travel tech companies network at the reception.

Small group networking.

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