College Marketing: Sell your travel product or service to 9,000,000+ college students in the USA.

Do you have a travel product or service that college student’s ages 18-24 purchase?

College Student Marketing

College students attending 4-year colleges and universities are a very desired market. College students have huge purchasing power and all have credit cards. College travel in the USA is a $5B market alone. College students are big travelers, traveling during winter break, springbreak and summer break.

An effective branding and marketing strategy is on-campus postering, placing flyers and posters on bulletin boards in high trafficked areas on college campuses. On-campus marketing can return a 10x ROI. Gain distribution for a flyer or poster representing your product or service that gets placed on 20-100 bulletin boards per college campus. The bulletin boards are in high trafficked areas that students pass every day on their way to classrooms, meal halls, student unions and their dorm rooms.

Flyers On-CampusFlyers On-Campus

Flyers On-CampusFlyers On-Campus

On-Campus PosteringOn Campus Postering











In 2007, the year I sold we were distributing close to 150,000 flyers/posters to over 1,000 colleges and universities across the USA. The flyers were sales oriented with the objective to get the student to go to the website to learn more about the ski trips and book their trip via a booking engine. We attributed 50% of our sales to the on-campus postering campaigns.

We printed and distributed both 8 ½ x 11 2-sided 4-color flyers and 11”x 14” 1-sided 4-color flyers with perforated take-one tabs at the bottom of the flyers so that the students could tear off the tab and take it with them. Here are a few samples.

Study Abroad Poster On-Campus PostersCollege Travel PosterStudentUniverse Poster



With the advent of smartphones an easier and more effective approach is to just place a large QR code on the poster so the students can scan the code and automatically be driven to the website. On the take one tabs we also publish the website URL and toll free 800#.

Professional individuals and companies (representatives) approved by the colleges and universities, place the flyers and posters on the campus bulletin boards. We have access to a network of 50 representatives covering 1,000+ schools. It should be noted that the representatives are not college students. These are professional individuals that have been in business for many, many years.

Download here the list of over 1,283 4-year colleges and universities we can distribute your flyers and posters to. Reach a total of 9,000,000+ college students on over 59,000 bulletin boards at over 1,000 4-year colleges and universities.

How to get started:
Submit the form below to give us more details about your travel product or service. We will review and see if there is a good fit for an on-campus marketing campaign.

Distribution of one flyer or poster costs $1.25. We have a $5,000 minimum order.

The process:
After you submit the form we will call you to discuss a campaign. We will go over the school list, estimated cost and outline a timeline for you to implement the on-campus postering campaign.

Upon your selection of schools and the number of flyers/posters per school we will assist you in deciding what type of flyer or poster to create. You will need a graphics designer and printer. Once the flyers/posters are printed we will provide you with a shipping address to ship the flyers to the distribution manager. Please note that you are responsible for the creative design and printing costs. The $1.25 is the cost to distribute one flyer/poster on a bulletin board at a college or university.

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