Drew Meyers – Thought Leader | Community Builder | Product Design

Drew Meyers

Drew Meyers

Contact: drew@ohheyworld.com

Drew Meyers is a Thought Leader and Community Building & Product Strategy professional at TravelStartups.co. Drew’s in depth blog post articles at TravelStartups.co focus on mobile, consumer leisure travel, community and product design.

In product design & strategy role Mr. Meyers turns mobile and web ideas into product concepts. Drew’s overarching domain expertise is location based services, with extensive experience in both real estate and travel verticals — mixed with a strong dose of community/social.

In Community Building role Mr. Meyers works in conjunction with Matt Zito of TravelStartups.co to help travel companies build engaged, vibrant communities.

Prior Experience:

2005-2010: Community builder & Business development, Zillow.

2010-2011: Director of Marketing, Virtual Results. Designed & launched the predesigned websites that work product offering and grew it from zero to 100 clients in 1 year.

2012-present: Co-Founder, Oh Hey World.