Grow Your Travel Sales by 20%

Grow Online Travel Sales by 20%

Are you having difficulty selling travel online?

Are your travel sales not where you want them to be?

Are you continuing to throw marketing dollars at Google and Facebook spending money on CPC campaigns to increase traffic to your travel website with little ROI?

In most cases the problem is not traffic. The problem is how you are merchandising your products online and the sales process travelers go thru to pay for your travel product or service.

The #1 mistake I see in working with travel companies is a failure to properly merchandise their travel product or service on their website.

The goal of this workshop is to help you increase your current sales by 20% by implementing my online merchandising techniques and online selling process.

Step #1:

I’ll first do a comprehensive analysis of your website, your products and your sales process that a traveler will go thru from learning about your travel product to purchasing your travel product or service. We first talk on the phone for 30-45 minutes so I get a true understanding of your business and your travel offerings.

Step #2:

I’ll provide you with visual mockups of how I believe you should be merchandising your travel products on your website. I use MyBalsamiq to create the mockups. I’ll also provide you details about how to improve the sales process to get your customer to purchase or checkout sooner.

Step #3:

I’ll provide to you with a written report (PDF), which you can then execute with your web designer or developer to make changes per the mockups.

I also look for elements within your website that may be hurting or limiting your sales. I’ll include these in the written report (PDF).


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