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How to do business with an Internet giant.

Internet GiantsI recently helped one of my travel startup clients strike a deal with an Internet giant.
Yeah, it was a big deal.
Most likely multi-millions in customer lifetime value (CLTV/LTV).

It went down like this.
I sent an email to my main contact.
My email was 3 lines.
Yes, you read that correctly, three lines.
I redacted the email below but you can get an idea why it was so effective.


Matt Zito here. I wanted to check-in and see if XXXXXX was getting into the XXXX and XXXXXXXX space at all. My client XXXXXXXXXX has XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and has XXXXXXXXXXXX. We are looking for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We have a XXXXXXXXXXXX as well. Let me know if interested in talking.

Matt Zito

Within 24-hours I received a reply to this email and I was forwarded to a 2nd executive.
Look doing business is fairly straightforward.
It always comes down to what you have and what the other person or company needs at that moment in time.
I’ve found that, “that moment in time” is the crucial factor.
Revisit my Travel Pitch post, then simplify this sales technique down to 1-slide and 2 sentences and get to the point of what you have or need as quick as you can.

The 2nd executive immediately emailed me to another team member.
Within 48-hours I had spoken to three top tier executives at the Internet giant.
I knew right then and there that what my client had was something that was of major interest.
Not only were they interested I knew they really needed us.

This is a superb position to be in.
When someone needs you, your money.
Over the course of a few months my client and the Internet giant worked out the particulars and a contract was signed.
My client said it was one of the biggest deals he ever did.

Were we a little lucky?
Was it at the right time?
Yes but if I don’t have the contact, don’t email, don’t keep it short and sweet, no deal.

In my 20+ years working in the travel industry this is how it works most of the time.
You might think because you are small or a startup you can’t reach an Internet giant but this is far from the truth.
My dealings with the Internet giant were very professional and I found their team super responsive.
I even made new friends in the process.

Everything I read lately about this Internet giant and travel is written with skepticism and fear.
The Internet giant is going to do this and is going to do that.
Look, in the end, Internet giants are just companies but obviously with greater resources and some would say more talented people.

But you know what.
You’re a travel startup founder and you are most likely very smart and talented as well.
Your company in some capacity has something someone else needs.

If you’ve got something that an Internet giant could license, buy or distribute you must approach them now.
So what do you say?
Go get em’!

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