We help inspire, fund, advise and connect travel startups.

Introducing the TSI Platform

Today we are proud to introduce the TSI Platform: The first digital investment, advisory and innovation platform designed specifically to fund, advise, connect and help inspire travel technology startups. Here is a visualization of how we leveraged the Platform for one of our most recent entrants into the incubator, Biz Airlines:

TSI Platform

The TSI Platform connects our startups, advisors/mentors, corporate travel partners and investors to each other. These are the four key stakeholder groups that we believe need a better way to work together in order to build great companies.

There is a large knowledge gap between entrepreneurs just starting out in the travel industry and those of us who have been in travel tech for a long time. It is time to close that gap through a digital platform that makes it easier for busy travel professionals to get involved, contribute, and reap the rewards.

Our Network
We continue to build the most robust network in the industry. It is now comprised of:

  • 15 travel startups in our portfolio.
  • 150+ startups on the platform looking for investment.
  • 25 leading travel executives acting as advisors and mentors who work one-on-one with our startups.
  • 4 Corporate Innovation partners who support the incubator from the ground up.
  • 25+ Business Development partners who provide critical access to technology and resources.
  • 100+ corporate travel executives from Innovation Labs, R&D, M&A and Corporate Sales departments we introduce to our startups for business development deals.
  • 150+ investors subscribed to review follow-on investment opportunities in our top startups.
  • 200+ members of the press who field and publish news about our startups.

Global and Virtual Presence
We believe that the future of investment and advisory/incubation services for startups will come from specialized domain verticals (ex. finance, health) with business operations conducted globally on digital platforms. We also believe that in order to find the next Uber or Airbnb we need to invest globally – we don’t believe that the best travel tech startups will always come out of Silicon Valley. Our next 2 investments are scheduled to be in India.

We are finding that the most talented and mature startup founders are looking for domain expertise, capital and a desire to stay in their home country or city to build their startup. The only efficient way to help these founders is to be domain specialized, have a global business network they can tap into and work mobile or virtually.

We believe in being an open and transparent company with both our startups, the startup ecosystem and our corporate partners. Openness and transparency spawns authenticity which is a hallmark principle we aspire to.

We feel the best way to help our startups move the needle is to connect them to our corporate partners in an open environment, not in a closed door setting. The TSI Platform scales and provides global corporations the best opportunity for access to deal flow.

In only 1.5 years we have become one of the most active investors in the world in travel technology. We have invested in 15 startups located in the USA, UK, Africa, South America and India.

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