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MIST.Asia partners with TSI to screen startups for the MIST Tourism Startup Bootcamp.

Travel Startups Incubator recently screened 100+ startups for the Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism (MIST) bootcamp, using our proprietary investment weighted methodology and MIST’s criteria of potential for investment. 18 tourism startups from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were chosen to participate in the upcoming startup accelerator from May 5-7th in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Four of the startups will win innovation grants of $7,000 to $10,000.

Matt Zito, Managing Partner of Travel Startups Incubator, said, “the Mekong region startup scene is growing quickly, travel and tourism businesses will ultimately drive the economy helping create jobs and alleviating poverty in the region.” A few of the companies TSI really liked included I Love Asia, Bayo, Dichung, Mimosa and Chameleon City.

The 18 startups selected included:

  • I Love Asia: Offers women-led motorbike tours of Hoi An and Hue while supporting projects for disadvantaged communities.
  • Bayo: Providing travelers with the right travel information, suppliers, products and prices to transact with local suppliers easily.
  • Dichung: Promotes low-impact ride-share transportation options, giving drivers the chance to trade free seats in their vehicles.
  • Mimoza: Creates 3D virtual tours of top travel destinations.
  • Chameleon City: On-demand chat-based service providing travel and lifestyle answers from local experts, 24/7.
  • Bus5: Connects travelers and bus operators in real time, helping bus companies fill their seats.
  • CamboTicket: Aggregates bus, ferry and private taxi bookings around Cambodia and Laos into one platform.
  • GuideInsider: A comprehensive in-country guidance on local sights and activities.
  • Manoa: Connects tour providers on an integrated document manager, text messenger, rating system and digital invoicing platform.
  • Artisan Origins by TAEC: Offers authentic, high quality crafts from rural ethinic communities in Laos.
  • Ma Te Sai: Preserves cultural heritage, while developing skills and offering employment options for youth in Nambak.
  • Passa Paa: A design and print studio in Luang Prabang.
  • Hue Free Walking Tour: Operates the first and only walking tour of Hue. Offers add-on historical tours.
  • Innaway: Serves as a mediator between hotels and travelers, helping hotels maximize revenue and improve quality standards.
  • Morning Rooms: Vietnam’s largest budget hotel network.
  • Oneclicktogo: An all-in-one trip planning website offering flight and hotel booking, guide book recommendations and a review platform.
  • Tugo: A technology-based tour operator and travel community.
  • Putaleng Legend: Offers diverse ecotourism experiences, adventure trekking tours and authentic ethnic cultural tours.

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