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Travel Startup Founder Series: Michael Noble, Founder Apruve

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The next Paypal.

Gone are the days where you pass around the corporate credit card, scribble credit card numbers on post it notes and pester your boss because you need approval to spend $1,000 at Orbitz.com on a flight to meet with a company client.

Apruve is chasing after the 26M small businesses that buy products and services online, helping reduce the daily pain that businesses endure managing their employees online purchases. Apruve is a payment method (a button) at checkout like PayPal  designed specifically for businesses to buy products and services online.

In this interview with Michael Noble the founder of Apruve you’ll learn;

  • How Apruve is building the next PayPal, a payment method for OTAs and travel websites to capture the unbooked business traveler, the holy grail of travel.
  • How Orbitz can target the 26M small businesses, helping business travelers book their business travel more efficiently while greatly increasing customer lifetime value.
  • How the new SEC Reg D general advertising and solicitation rules have been amended to enable travel startups to advertise and market their capital raising initiatives.

The interview is part of the Travel Startup Founders Series an exclusive at TravelStartups.co where we publish inspirational short stories from successful travel CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs. We all need inspiration in our daily lives, so enjoy.

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