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Travel Startup Founder Series: Sam Shank Founder HotelTonight

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HotelTonight Interview with Sam Shank

HotelTonight is a last minute hotel deals mobile booking app for tonight only. HotelTonight is building one of the next big brands in travel using mobile as the distribution platform. Mobile is the future and HotelTonight is one of the first to get there.

In this interview with Sam Shank the CEO and Co-Founder of HotelTonight you’ll learn.

  • How the HotelTonight mobile booking app was designed for simplicity.
  • Why your ability to focus as an entrepreneur is a crucial skill you want to master.
  • How Sam thinks about and views travel distribution as the key to finding the right travel product.
  • How HotelTonight set goals for their first 100 bookings.

The interview is part of the Travel Startup Founders Series an exclusive at TravelStartups.co where we publish inspirational short stories from successful travel CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs. We all need inspiration in our daily lives, so enjoy.

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