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Travel Startup Founder Video Series: Raj Beri Co-Founder WanderWe

WanderWe Travel Startups

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This video interview with Raj Beri the Co-Founder of WanderWe is part of the Travel Startup Founders Video Series an exclusive at TravelStartups.co where we publish inspirational short stories from successful travel CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs.

In this video interview you’ll learn;
  • How WanderWe generated demand for their travel product at launch by partnering with Oversee.net an internet company that owns and operates a portfolio of websites and mobile apps in the travel, retail and consumer finance verticals.
  • Why it’s very important to line up distribution and traffic sources first.
  • How Raj Beri went from iGoUgo to Travelocity to co-founding startup WanderWe.

Travel Startup Founder Video Series WanderWe Interview with Co-Founder Raj Beri from Matt Zito on Vimeo.

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