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Travel Startup Founders Series: Prateek Sharma Co-Founder MYGOLA

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Where should I go? What should I do on vacation?

Two questions all travelers ask themselves during the trip planning process. MYGOLA is helping travelers answer these two questions by creating the world’s largest collection of curated itineraries.

I spoke with Prateek Sharma the co-founder of MYGOLA about his travel startup.

In the interview you’ll learn,

  • How Prateek and MYGOLA overcame a difficult situation during their startup process.
  • How MYGOLA is successfully engaging users inside their website.

What’s interesting about MYGOLA is that their current focus is building a travel planning service with itineraries as the central artifact. MYGOLA is curating a massive pool of itineraries from around the globe including traveler generated itineraries shared by their users. The foundation of their growing business is built around the questions all travelers ask.

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