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Travel Technologies Wanted by Partners on the TravelStartups.net Deal Flow Platform

We have two new corporate partners on the TravelStartups.NET Deal Flow Platform looking for specific travel technology. If you have the following technologies please apply to the Deal Flow Platform so we can introduce you.


Travel technology looking for: Data/Analytics for airlines to improve ancillary sales.

  • How can an airline better steer its (ancillary) sales and improve upon it using analytics. Ancillaries (non-ticket revenue), these would be seat upgrades, baggage fees, on-board food, on-board services, à la carte features, commission-based products, frequent flier activities, pay-per-view entertainment, on-board shopping, internet gaming, car hire, hotel bookings.

Travel Agency’s

Travel technologies looking for: Multiple technologies for Travel Agency’s, Travel Agents.

CRM’s for Travel.

  • Platforms that manage travel agency’s customers’ data to run campaigns, automate workflows.

Social Media Management specifically for Travel.

Booking tools.

  • Focused on the travel advisor work flow.

Travel advisor sharing platform.

  • Ways for inter-advisor and supplier collaboration to occur.

Group Travel Planning.

  • Itinerary management and collaboration for group travel.

Trip Inspiration.

  • Platforms or tools that are meant to give travelers trip suggestions based on customer preferences.

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