We help inspire, fund, advise and connect travel startups.

TSI Advisory

Our Advisory service benefits travel technology startups looking for business strategy, pilots, business development deals and investment capital. Our network consists of over 300+ global travel executives and investors. Our core value proposition is that we can introduce you to the right people much quicker than you can and we can get a response much quicker due to our reputation as a successful early-stage travel technology investor and incubator of startups.

Our Strengths:
*Technology representation for piloting/testing and selling commercial agreements.
*API distribution and sales.
*Fundraising of investment capital.
*Strategic advisory.

Companies We Like to Represent:
*You have some current or previous funding.
*You have a technology, product or service and are ready to test, pilot or commercialize.
*You are looking to raise $250K-$10M in capital.

What We Do:
*Provide strategic advice.
*Help your company get your technology integrated into larger travel companies.
*Weekly calls.
*Introductions of your technology to the top global travel executives.
*Introductions of your investment opportunity to investors that invest in early-stage travel tech startups.

TSI has given us practically instant access to a network of advisors, peers, partners, customers, and potential investors that we could not have built on our own. The TSI team is always available to help, and we have benefited greatly from their experience in navigating the travel industry. The VISIT FLORIDA Digital Innovation Forum also provided us with actionable feedback and valuable new connections.
Bala Chandran Co-Founder, CEO, Flightsayer

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