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What if?

What if you thought you could change the world with your idea or product?
What if you’re looking for ways to grow your company’s revenue?
What if you were looking to get out of the corporate rat race to start your own business?
What if you’re the CEO of a multi-million dollar company and believe you need to change the direction of the company?

Would you try?
What would hold you back?

Your colleagues…
Your friends…
Your family…
Your thoughts…
Not enough money…
Not enough time…
Not enough resources…
You think you’re in the wrong location…
You think you don’t have the network..
You think you’re not talented enough…

At some time in my life I had all of the above thoughts.
Thoughts that only held me back.
Even today I struggle we negative thoughts just like you.

But in the end I’ll always try.
I might fail but I’ll try.
I can always count on myself to try.

An entrepreneur’s life is about dreaming, thinking, creating, building and more importantly trying.
I call trying, execution.
It’s that rare breed of person that will try to execute against all odds.

What if you tried?

I recently pitched my services to a company for a large project.
I’d bring my entrepreneurial thinking and execution strategies to help bring them new business.
I realize that they will most likely not hire me for the project because I am viewed as a risk.
I am a risk because they are afraid of real change.

My thoughts, big ideas and beliefs are foreign to them.
What was thinking?
I was thinking that I could increase their stagnant growth.
What if they risked vs. going with their usual status quo?

I won’t win this project.
I pitched and tried.

What if Steve Kaufer the co-founder of TripAdvisor the worlds largest travel company didn’t add the travel review button on their website as they were running out of money and almost going bankrupt in the early days?

What if Sam Shank the founder of Hotel Tonight had developed their mobile booking app to sell every room night like every other OTA and not limit the sale to tonight only?

What if David Litwak the founder of Mozio had given up raising capital for his startup after he received multiple rejections?

What if you had the courage to follow your dream and start your company?
What if you decided today that you’re going to launch that new product?
What if you reached out and asked that one person to be your co-founder?
What if you decided that tomorrow you were going to raise that $1M for your idea?

What if you tried?

What if?

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