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Airlines Technology wins TravHQ Startup Knockdown

Airlines Technology, a Travel Startups Incubator portfolio company building NDC-compliant solutions to help airlines serve richer content to the end traveler, was the main winner of TravHQ’s Startup Knockdown on July 7 in Kolkata, India.


Paras Kumar and Varun Bansal, co-founders of Airlines Technology, receiving the award

Prizes that the Airlines Technology team will receive include:

  • An invitation to join the Amadeus NEXT startup program.
  • Ravi Ranjan from Startup Warehouse Kolkata 10000 Startups NASSCOM invited to apply.
  • Free consultation time with Agnitio World Pvt Ltd. and Nucleus Partners.
  • One to one interaction and mentoring with all judges.

The judging and mentor team for the Kolkata event included:

  • Bart Bellers – Senior Advisor, Corporate Strategy, Amadeus Asia Pacific
  • Shivam Shah – Partner, Augment Ventures
  • Saumyajit Guha – COO, Calcutta Angels Network
  • Ravi Ranjan – Head, Startup Warehouse Kolkata 10000 Startups NASSCOM

All of the judges agreed that the Airlines Technology NDC solutions look very promising and have the potential to add value to existing reservation systems dramatically.

Airlines Technology has made impressive progress since joining Travel Startups Incubator in April 2016, having recently been granted “NDC Capable” Level 3 status by IATA through their NDC Certification Program.

Originally founded to help airlines gain full control over how their products are bundled, priced, and presented, Airlines Technology is working toward becoming one of the world’s most powerful aggregators of available airline products and services, blending inventory sourced directly from airlines with 3rd party sources.

Analytics on aggregated data will become more important to airlines in the coming years, and Airlines Technology will be on the forefront of making this data actionable.

In addition to aggregating data between airlines and travel agents, Airlines Technology can help industry players with their NDC IT solutions. The can upgrade existing legacy reservation systems to be NDC-enabled, and because they are based out of India, they can keep costs to a minimum while providing top-quality work.

Airlines Technology is currently looking for airline partners and online travel agents who wish to increase their merchandising abilities through NDC solutions.

Joining the Amadeus NEXT program will provide Airlines Technology with additional expertise and access to technology including Amadeus’s APIs and airline relationships.

To learn more, please visit the Airlines Technology website.

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