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Amadeus and GoHero.ai launch the first ever chatbot with LINE messenger app



The @flightbot pilot in Thailand on LINE is powered by Amadeus Search technology, facilitated by GoHero.ai artificial intelligence technology. GoHero.ai is a TSI portfolio company based in India.

Thailand is the second largest market for LINE. 33 million monthly active users spend an average of 70 minutes a day on the platform.

“GoHero was chosen as the technology solutions partner by Amadeus for their @flightbot project on the LINE messaging platform – the first Travel Agent Marketplace using chatbot in a messaging platform. The project uses GoHero’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology to facilitate flight search and bookings (in both English and Thai) and uses Amadeus’ technology to deliver content on the LINE messaging platform.” [1]

Thai LINE users can easily ask the @flightbot anything about travel, whether it’s a flight to Phuket or a flight to Europe.

image photo credit: NEXT Takeover, Amadeus Times Asia Pacific

GoHero.ai artificial intelligence technology helps travel agents convert more of their customers to bookings. Large numbers of offline travel agents offer a personalized service and the GoHero.ai technology allows them to move into the mobile chat space without sacrificing their personal touch.

The messaging chat bot user base is at 5.5B and growing fast. As of today GoHero.ai has expanded their offering across 11 different chat platforms including WeChat, LINE, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack and the service supports more than 70 languages.

[1] NEXT Takeover, Amadeus Times Asia Pacific

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