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Biz Airlines Launches Travelligence a Mobile Airfare Booking App For Business Travelers


Biz Airlines, a Travel Startups Incubator portfolio company funded in November 2015, officially launched their TravelligenceTM  solution for increasing business airfare travel efficiency. Biz Airlines mixes and matches airport transfers, airlines and private jets to deliver time and cost efficiency for high-end executives.

Time is invaluable for top executives. Biz Airlines estimates that over 23 million hours are wasted every year just within our sweet spot audience, and that scheduled jet shuttles can save the business traveler at least 2 hours per trip.

TravelligenceTM is Biz Airlines’ proprietary algorithm which analyzes vast amounts of data to highlight the best flight options according to the traveler’s profile, including:

  • Estimated hourly cost of the traveler
  • On-time performance of airports (including security line, check-in and boarding times)
  • Performance of airlines and each of their flights
  • A productivity index of the aircraft (wi-fi onboard, power outlets…) which fly that particular route

The outcome of this data treatment rationalizes higher expense in order to deliver overall time and cost efficiency.

Biz Airlines is available to travel agents, having aggregated a whole new inventory of private jet shuttles to increase their service edge to the most demanding clients at attractive commissions

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