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The 13 Travel Startups Selected to Present at the VISIT FLORIDA Digital Innovation Forum Nov 30

Thirteen up-and-coming travel startups focused on local experiences, destinations and operations were mutually selected by Travel Startups Incubator and VISIT FLORIDA to present their companies and innovative travel technology at the VISIT FLORIDA Digital Innovation Forum on November 30, 2016 at the Omni Resort Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

On day 1 of the conference (Nov 30) each presenter will have 5-minutes to present their technology products to a group of 100+ travel executives followed by a 3-minute Q&A. Following the presentations, there will be a reception sponsored by VISIT FLORIDA for networking opportunities between the presenters and the attendees.

The following 13 companies will be presenting:




Predictive Flight Cancellations
B2C – web

Interested Parties: Airlines, Airports, Hotels, DMO’s, Visitor & Tourism Bureaus, Theme Parks, Ground Transportation, Activity Providers

Get real time predictions on flight delays, and take control of your trip. Be the first to know when your flight is delayed. We use predictive analytics to track patterns across millions of flights. We track patterns across millions of flights so you can book smarter. Get real-time predictions on what’s impacting your flight after you book. Save time and money by rescheduling your plans in advance.

Founder: Bala Chandran
Web:  flightsayer.com
Headquarters: Boston, MA





Predictive Travel Demand
B2B – Web, SaaS, Agency

Interested Parties: Hotels, DMO’s, Visitor & Tourism Bureaus, Theme Parks

Initially for hotels, Neirbi will gain an insights into their future occupancy and ADR opportunities far in advance and the tools to best take advantage of them. Neirbi’s patent-pending platform easily analyzes thousands of data points for each property we serve and delivers results in a simple dashboard. Important alerts can be delivered to email addresses or via text message.

Founder: Ryan Duques
Web: neirbi.com
Headquarters: Madison, Connecticut

Alpaca Travel



Mapping Technology
B2B – Web, HTML Widget
B2C – Web

Interested Parties: DMO’s, Visitor & Tourism Bureaus, Hotels, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Ground Transportation, Activity Providers, Tour Operators, Points of Interest

Give visitors the tools to discover the best you have to offer, and easily plan how to approach it. Unleash the power of maps to make anything seem possible, and encourage visitors to travel past the gateway hubs, uncovering experiences in lesser known regions.

Founder: Zoe Manderson
Web: alpacamaps.com
Headquarters: Australia





Stories travel
B2B – Social Media, Marketing, SaaS

Interested Parties: Hotels

Flip.to lets your guests introduce your hotel to the world, combining trust with massive reach and introducing your hotel to travelers just one degree away—warm leads who are the perfect fit. Tap into the captivating, authentic stories of your guests and inspire future travelers long before “book now.” Tell a richer story and grow a more profitable hotel. Start building your ever-growing team of advocates who turn meaningful moments into measurable ROI.

CMO: Jeff Weibel
Web: flip.to
Headquarters: Maitland, Florida




Destination Marketing
B2B – Web, Marketing, Agency
B2C – Mobile App

Interested Parties: DMO’s, Visitor & Tourism Bureaus

Hitlist is an app that alerts you when there are cheap flights to places you’d like to go. We service a deep network of over half a million engaged, mostly millennial travelers who decide where and when they travel in no small part based on Hitlist’s suggestions. We’ve begun working with tourist boards to help them understand and reach their target market. We recently ran a pilot campaign with a DMO that resulted in nearly half a million dollars in additional tourism revenue for an $8k spend. Unlike many marketing organizations, we don’t sell intangible ‘brand equity’ – we drive direct bookings and trackable interest in your destination.

Founder: Gillian Morris
Web: hitlistapp.com
Headquarters: New York City




Guest Feedback Management
B2B – Social Media Monitoring

Interested Parties: Hotels, Restaurants

Responding to online reviews plays an important role in increasing revenues. Today’s consumer trusts the reviews of other social butterflies, and responses to reviews are often included in their evaluation. iResponze® partners with hotels and restaurants by responding to online reviews on their behalf. This collaboration allows staff to focus on what they do best – deliver exceptional guest experiences.

CEO/Founder: Rose Mentrie
Web: iresponze.com
Headquarters: Orlando, Florida




Mobile Passport For All Things To Do
B2B – Mobile, E-commerce in Destination, SaaS

Interested Parties: DMO’s, Visitor & Tourism Bureaus, Activity Providers, Tour Operators, Points of Interest

Bandwango is the next generation City Pass. Our offering enables DMOs to create and sell mobile passports for all-things-to-do: city-wide attraction passes, museums, passes, wine, beer and golf passports. Passports are white-labeled and distributed through DMO websites, OTA’s and deal sites and delivered to visitors’ mobile device for convenient redemption at local merchants. DMOs both nationally and internationally are now using the software. These organizations are increasing per-visitor spending through our perks platform, and working with lodging partners to distribute hotel exclusive passport packages.

CEO/Founder: Mo Parikh
Web: bandwango.com
Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah




Automated Maid service, cleaning
B2B – Cleaning Service, SaaS, Harware

Interested Parties: Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks

Maidbot’s automated systems deliver unprecedented value to hotel operators, room attendants, and hotel guests. By using Maidbot’s systems, hotel operators will see an increase in profitability; healthier and happier staff; and higher guest satisfaction. In addition, room attendants will be able to focus on less strenuous tasks – ultimately reducing injury rates. Finally, guests will have a more enjoyable experience through consistent cleanliness and more flexible check-in and check-out times.

Founder: Micah Green
Web: maidbot.co
Headquarters: Austin, Texas




Content For Travel Brands
B2B – Web, Content Delivery System, SaaS

Interested Parties: DMO’s, Visitor & Tourism Bureaus, Hotels, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Ground Transportation, Activity Providers, Tour Operators, Points of Interest, Airlines, OTAs.

With Tagible installed on our clients web sites, instead of having to opening dozens of tabs to find inspiration, consumers can discover all of the rich media content that will inspire them to book, directly from the text on the page. We collect travel content from across the web for every destination, hotel, point of interest, attraction and activity. Within minutes destination and product pages are brought to life with rich media content designed to drive conversions.

Founder: Judah Musick
Web: tagibletravel.com
Headquarters: Denver, Colordao





Asset Tracking and analytics reporting
B2B – SaaS, Cloud, Hardware

Interested Parties: Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks

TraknProtect is an inventory tracking and analytics platform that allows hotels to know in real time where key assets are located and quickly respond to guest requests for such assets. TraknProtect uses Bluetooth beacons and Bluetooth/WiFi hubs to communicate where items such as rollaway beds, cribs, housekeeping carts, bellhop carts, microwaves, fridges and more can be found throughout a hotel property.

Founder: Sagar Patel
Web: traknprotect.com
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois




Private Ground Transportation
B2C – Web, Mobile, E-commerce

Interested Parties: Hotels, Ground Transportation, Tour Operators, Airlines, OTAs.

FlitWays is a transportation network company that offers on-demand and pre-booked ride service in 140 cities for travelers and businesses. FlitWays uses state of the art technology to bring ground travel booking into the travel industry by building strategic partnership with major travel companies, travel networks, travel managements and hotels for travelers to make ground travel booking available at every travel point of sale. The FlitWays solution allow travelers to pre-book or e-hail ideal travel rides through the FlitWays online booking engine or mobile app, or through their preferred travel vendor.

Founder: Zacky Hamraz
Web: flitways.com
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Biz Airlines



Private Flights For Business Travelers
B2B – Mobile, API
B2C – Mobile

Interested Parties: Business Travelers, Airlines, Airports, Ground Transportation

Biz Airlines is a business travel booking solution, with an embedded airline routing BI, that takes executives from point to point, mixing and matching airport transfers, airlines and charter jets to deliver the most cost effective way to fly the main global air shuttles.

Founder: Bruno Santiago
Web: bizairlines.com
Headquarters: Orlando, Florida





Communication platform for Hotels, Resorts
B2B – Mobile App, SaaS

Interested Parties: Hotels, Resorts

The Best Run Hotels Run on ALICE. A platform connecting every department and your guests. By joining the departments of your hotel with a single operations system, ALICE helps your staff act as a team to improve guest satisfaction. ALICE tracks every guest request, whether through our mobile app or website, in person, or over the phone or SMS. ALICE connects every department so your teams can work together to service your guests’ needs. By knowing every request and how long each took to complete, your managers can work to improve your service delivery and delight your guests.

Founder: Justin Effron
Web: info.aliceapp.com
Headquarters: New York City, NY

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