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Travel Startups Incubator® Acquires Equity Stake in Photo Mapping Technology Streetography

Travel Startups Incubator® (TSI) is pleased to announce Streetography as its newest portfolio company. Streetography’s “place discovery,” mapping technology, helps increase travel booking conversions and user engagement through a form of social proof, by placing traveler’s photos on a map to visually showcase a destination.


Streetography’s Photo Map technology enables travelers to see what a destination’s culture and vibe looks like without being there. Depending on the map zoom level, one can view photos cut out by the boundaries of countries, states/regions, cities, neighborhoods, or blocks.

What’s the neighborhood character in San Francisco’s Chinatown? How about Greenwich Village in New York? Zoom in and take a look. Benefits for travel businesses like hotels and destination management companies include showcasing things to do and sharing photos of fascinating corners around your area, not just the everyday iconic tourist stops.

Streetography’s social feature enables businesses and travelers to upload their own photos, comment, and like users pictures. Businesses that open an Enterprise account with Streetography, receive an online dashboard and admin area for tracking, analytics and managing photos.

You can place the Streetography web widget easily on your website by pasting a few lines of code or white-label the iOS or Android app. The Streetography API will be available in Spring 2018.

Current travel companies using the Streetography web widget include tourism bureaus, DMO’s, tour operators and in-destination travel companies. The Streetography technology will benefit OTA’s, Meta-Search Engines and Travel Agencies as well.

The Silicon Valley startup is lead by successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur Mike Lanza. “I came up with the idea for Streetography when I was searching for an apartment in Amsterdam on Airbnb for my family,” Lanza said.  “The site had dozens of photos of apartments with the right number of bedrooms, in the right price range, but we weren’t interested in going to Amsterdam to look at the inside of an apartment.  We couldn’t figure out which of the apartments was in the best neighborhood for us.”

Matt Zito, Manager Partner of Travel Startups Incubator®, says, “A picture tells a thousand words.” When we saw the photo mapping technology we knew instantly that we wanted to be a part of the startup with Mike and Streetography. Mapping technology is an integral part of the travel journey starting at the top of the funnel with discovery all the way to in-destination while you’re on your trip. Google Maps has dominated this space with not much advancement in the last few years. We think we can greatly improve the user experience for travelers with Streetography and increase conversions for travel businesses.”

The mapping technology space is heating up. Amadeus Ventures recently invested in AVUXI a global mapping technology company. Similar to Streetography, AVUXI overlays a map displaying the most popular travel destinations inside a city. This helps travelers learn where the best places to visit are located.

CEO, Mike Lanza

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