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Travel Startups Incubator invests in Biz Airlines a Business Travel Mobile Booking Solution

LogoRGB_FullTravel Startups Incubator is pleased to announce our investment in Biz Airlines. Using embedded airline routing business intelligence, Biz Airlines offers executives the most cost-effective, efficient way to get where they need to go.

Biz Airlines is a business travel booking solution focused on providing executives with the most direct, cost-effective travel options available. By mixing and matching airline offerings, airport transfers, and charter jets, Biz Airlines provides managed travel itineraries on native iOS and Android apps via an intuitive, user-friendly wizard.

Biz Airlines founder and CEO Bruno Santiago has extensive experience not only in marketing and advertising and international business, but in traveling the world. “I know more airports around the world than I know towns,” Santiago says. “Being on the road as a CEO for my former business was important to get us at a profitable position, but it took away my time on the job and caused me to spend too much time away from my team.”

Santiago says he found himself complaining so much about how unproductive business trips were that he finally decided to do something about it. “I realized that with my experience in marketing, digital product design, and creative deployment for the travel industry, I should stop complaining, pull up my sleeves, and come up with that solution myself.”

Using the Biz Airlines wizard, a business traveler can quickly find the perfect flight or combination of flights to fulfill the requirements of a particular trip’s schedule. The Biz Airlines comprehensive database of routes also enables travelers to save time and money by searching from a selection of flights offered at competitive prices. Biz Airlines travel managers receive booking requests from their executive clients and can then book and share itinerary data with individual executives and their teams as needed via a dashboard that also tracks caps, allowances, and trip histories.

Providing executive travelers with connectivity and convenience is the primary goal of the four co-founders of Biz Airlines. In addition to Santiago, the Biz Airlines team includes chief innovation officer Guilherme Schneider, chief technology officer Hudson Dunice, and chief financial officer Wonder Jarjour. Together, the team has more than 50 years of business experience in areas as diverse as finance, marketing, technology, and product design.

According to Santiago, the Biz Airlines app not only allows business travelers to book flights, it also provides ways for companies to calculate the real costs of a trip, “including the value generated by the lack of productivity of the professional during the journey.”

“Our main goal is to help executives travel smart by reducing their overall traveling time,” Santiago explains. “This not only makes their trips more efficient and effective, it also saves their companies money by increasing their productivity.

“Our customers travel for a living,” Santiago added. “It’s part of their role as executives, it’s part of their operations as corporations.”

While business travelers have several options to consider when searching for the best travel deals, resources such as Kayak, Expedia, Booking.com, travel agencies, or even airlines and charter operators simply help identify and book flights. “None of them delivers a complete business experience like the one Biz can provide,” Santiago said. “None of them takes into consideration the real costs of business travel and communicates that information to their client companies.”

According to Matt Zito, Managing Partner at Travel Startups Incubator, “Biz Airlines is entering the global business travel market, a market that is desperately in need of new mobile travel technology and applications. We will introduce Bruno and his team to TSI’s corporate innovation partners in the GDS and airline businesses to help develop the product with airline APIs. Biz Airlines plans to partner with TSI startups FlitWays and Joile for accessing private cars that executives can book in most major cities. Today’s busy executives are not only looking to save money but more importantly save time. Biz Airlines mobile app will ultimately help make a business traveler more efficient thus the best executive they can be.”

According to Santiago, while business travel grows an average of 8.6% per year, approximately $273 billion in business flight bookings are made based on “inefficient, random, and irrational decisions.” By partnering with industry leaders such as Travel Startups Incubator, Biz Airlines is set to change that.

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