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Travel Startups Incubator Invests in Hotel Inventory Asset Tracking & Analytics Platform TraknProtect

TraknProtectTravel Startups Incubator is pleased to announce our investment in TraknProtect. Designed to ensure hotels know where their physical assets are located in the hotel at all times, TraknProtect’s proprietary technology provides real-time location of all the assets in your hotel.

TraknProtect is an inventory tracking and analytics platform that allows hotels to know in real time where key assets are located and quickly respond to guest requests for such assets. TraknProtect uses Bluetooth beacons and Bluetooth/WiFi hubs to communicate where items such as rollaway beds, cribs, housekeeping carts, bellhop carts, microwaves, fridges and more can be found throughout a hotel property.

Hotels using the TraknProtect system not only improve employee productivity and customer service but also exceed guest expectations by responding to immediate needs for extras in a surprisingly timely manner. Increased security of hotel property is yet another benefit.

The Chicago-based TraknProtect team includes co-founder and CEO Parminder Batra, co-founder and COO Sagar Patel, and CTO Fadi Kahhaleh. Since starting to work with hotels in 2014, Batra and Patel have partnered with hospitality leader Hyatt Hotels Corporation, which is also based in Chicago. This partnership was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune article “Startup will Help Hyatt Housekeeping Find You a Crib,” which provides details on the TraknProtect program at the 1,200-room Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.

Founder & CEO Parminder Batra

Founder & CEO Parminder Batra

Founder & COO Sagar Patel

Founder & COO Sagar Patel







TraknProtect not only provides hardware such as Bluetooth beacons and Wi-Fi receivers to their hotel clients. According to Parminder Batra, her company also “adds value through analytics and insights so hotels can make smarter decisions about inventory.” Tracked data gathered by the TraknProtect platform provides information related to the use of equipment that can lead a hotel to streamline its inventory and enhance how on-hand assets are utilized. This can also lead to more efficient inventory planning practices that not only save money but also free up precious on-site storage space.

Batra adds that she and her team intend to offer other features in the future such as room tray tracking as well as “additional analytics to help hotel operations not only respond to guest requests but predict them in order to provide an exceptional guest experience.”

“We are thrilled to work with Hyatt as it is a great partnership between a Chicago-headquartered company and a Chicago startup,” Batra notes, “and we are excited to work with Travel Startups Incubator, which is a great fit for TraknProtect’s overall goal of becoming a key player in the hospitality industry.”

According to Matt Zito, Managing Partner at Travel Startups Incubator, “TraknProtect is lead by Parminder Batra a gifted and motivated female entrepreneur that in a short period of time has assembled an amazing team and proprietary technology that the travel and hospitality industry needs. I love the fact that within a split second the front desk can know in real-time where all the rollaway beds are located in their hotel. Trying to locate physical assets in hotels is a big problem for hoteliers. Although providing a view into “where inventory is located” solves a problem the real value TraknProtect is building is the data behind the inventory. The analytics and insight reporting will help hotels understand what is being used and how much and what inventory they need to buy and what they can get rid of. Cost savings from the data will be hugely valuable to hoteliers.”

Hotels can download the TraknProtect Hotel Ebrochure here to learn more about the product and to connect with Parminder & Sagar.

About TraknProtect

TraknProtect is co-founded by attorney and entrepreneur Parminder Batra and investment banker Sagar Patel. Hotel operators can use TraknProtect to effectively manage items guests’ need on a regular basis. TraknProtect beacons are attached to equipment such as cribs and rollaway beds, identifying the exact location of such assets on the hotel property so they can be quickly found and delivered to the guests who need them. Gathered analytics provide insights related to the use of specific items that can result in streamlined inventory practices.

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